NATO develops telemedicine system to save lives in emergencies

NATO has developed a multinational telemedicine system, enabling medical specialists to provide real-time recommendations to first responders at emergency scenes or in combat zones. On Friday (24 February 2017), a high-level conference at NATO headquarters marked the completion of this project, supported by the NATO Science for Peace and Security […]

NATO Secretary General’s Annual Report shows how the Alliance is adapting to face a more dangerous world

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg published his annual report today (Monday 13 March), showing how in 2016 the Alliance, “took further steps to keep our almost one billion citizens safe.” The report highlights how NATO is adapting to the new security environment by strengthening its collective defence and projecting stability […]

Uneltele războiului modern. Explicaţiile Secretarului General NATO

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretarul General NATO, a declarat în cadrul unei conferiNţe organizate de Graduate Institute Geneva că lumea modernă se confruntă cu noi tipuri de ameninţări. A dat exemplul atacurilor cibernetice, propagandei şi dezinformării.  Secretarul General NATO a precizat că propaganda nu trebuie combătută tot cu propagandă, ci cu prezentarea […]