The Pentagon increases the budget for Europe’s security. PHOTO GALLERY

The Pentagon has proposed that the budget for military operations in Europe will increase. This year, the US military invested $ 3.4 billion in the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI), and for the following year the amount proposed by the US Department of Defense is $ 4.7 billion. A consistent amount that will increase the number of troops and equipment that Americans will send to several European countries, including Romania.

What is the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI)?
I think that in order to understand what these sums are, it is important to know what Obama’s commitment to Europe was, a commitment continued now by the Trump administration. The European Reinsurance Initiative was decided in June 2014 by President Barack Obama during a visit to Poland in Warsaw. It happened shortly after the illegal annexation of Crimea and the onset of hostilities in eastern Ukraine. It was a major signal that the US will continue to support its European allies on the eastern flank of NATO. The budget allocated to this mission began at $ 750 million in 2016, and in 2017 it will see a spectacular jump over $ 3.4 billion. This money has been funded by an unprecedented mobilization of the US Army in Europe. It was decided that a mechanized brigade in Colorado would be moved to Europe for a nine-month period. Almost 4,000 soldiers with 90 Abrams M1 tanks, 18 Paladins, 419 HMMWVs, 144 Bradley armored vehicles and 1,000 tows and maintenance cars crossed the ocean. The operation was called the Atlantic Resolve.
I had the opportunity to go to the United States last year to report on the arrival of this brigade in Europe. Part of it is now stationed in Romania at the base of Mihail Kogalniceanu. Only this year the US Army estimated that 18,000 soldiers will train alongside 45,000 soldiers from other NATO countries in over 30 exercises, all funded from the ERI budget. An aviation brigade with 1,800 soldiers and 85 Chinook, Blackhawk and Apache helicopters was also sent to Europe. Important to say. The US Mechanized Brigade is not only in Romania, but also in yellow-colored countries on the map. This project will not end in nine months. The troops are stationary on a rotational basis. (Replace once every nine months)
With an increased budget in 2018, Americans show that they want to maintain their presence in Europe, increase the number of troops and exercises. In our country 6 million dollars will be invested in the modernization of the air bases at Mihai Kogalniceanu and Campia Turzii.
The political signal is important, especially after US President Donald Trump’s visit to Europe and his critical speech to NATO allies that do not yet allocate 2{9eeaab45891d66ac1596fa4f47854da602f20d436b51200b35da90fecc6de246} of GDP for defense. Detailed budget can be consulted HERE.

PHOTO GALLERY: Pictures from the preparations for the Atlantic Resolve 2017. I made this

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pictures in the USA and Poland.

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